Our GOTO Team

There are so many more people who make what we do possible, but there are the core six people. You will find a complete list of credits below too.

This is an important page to me.  It is the page that gives credit to the time, effort, sacrifice, and dedication it takes to have an impact on Polk County Florida.



Mike On A Bike

Michael Madison



Mr FixIt

Wayne Gore


Photo Album

A simple fun photo album full of shot of the work and fun we share as a team.

Mike On A Bike Inc is the dream come true of me, Michael Madison. I wanted to do more for my own community then to take up space. I wanted to help.

Mike On A Bike

Our team of; Wayne and Sue Gore, Sunny Morrison, Niki B, Linda Gaunt, HSMM Lakeland chapter, Tim Cricks, Susan ????,

Thanks to each of these people and more, we have made a small impact on Polk County. From start in 2019 until September of 2021 we have raised and donated over $100,000.  Thank you all for your fincianal support.  Thank you for the manpower and hours each of you have donated at events and fundraisers.




Melodee Madison

Vice President


Momma Bear

Sue Gore


Help Us

We need your help. Like every active non-profit we are always in need of a little more help. To be completely transparent we need your time and a little of your money too.