Mission Statement - August 1, 2022

My name is Michael Madison, better known as Mike On A Bike. My wife is Melodee. [You will find I call her Princess or My Bride more often then Melodee.]  Melodee is the most important person in my life.  God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Melodee; my most important influences.  The love offered by God is unbelievably real.  The support offered to me by my bride is amazing.  The never ending love of Jesus is fully awesome.  Salvation through Jesus Christ sets us free.   It is also why our works are an important part of our example set by Jesus.

The most significant thing that has ever happen to me happen in 1964 at Dyer Baptist Church in Dyer Indiana.  I accepted Jesus into my life. I accepted a relationship with Him. God's promise to me was fulfilled on the cross, and resurrection.  The most treasured Bible I own is the one my parents got me for Christmas of 1964.  That Bible cost them $0.50.  No value could be set for it's value to me.

My personal desire to find a way to serve God with 100% of my time has lead to Mike On A Bike Inc.  A Florida Non-Profit corporation.  A corporation entity dedicated to doing good for the children of Polk County Florida.  Our bylaws are guided and dictated by the Bible, and the Holy Spirit.  We will share all we have in time, finances, events, and teaming up with others who have the ultimate goal of making Polk County a better place to live for our children.   It takes a village . . . Mike On A Bike Inc

Our mission with Mike On A Bike Inc is to dedicate our efforts to the foster, orphan, underprivileged, and critically ill  children of Polk County Florida.
Our finances, support, events, fundraising, and everything we do will be for the children of Polk County Florida who only want what most of us want . . . "A place to call home, and a family who loves them."