Michael & Melodee Madison

You might say that I am the baggage that comes along with Melodee.  Every one seems to like Melodee from the moment they meet her.  Even after 14 years of being with Melodee, I still am not sure of just why, but people genuinely like Melodee.  I really don't mind that people like Melodee better.  I like Melodee better too.

Melodee and I feel very blessed as a couple.  We are so different in many ways but with Faith in God we are as happy with each other as we believe possible.  We really have had very few real disagreements.  I always say, Melodee make being a good husband very easy to do.

I am always surprised how many good couples say their marriage is hard.   They all seem to have a good relationship with each other.  But I often hear, "It is a lot of work to be in a marriage."  I always have to scratch my head, because Melodee makes it very easy to be a good husband.  And therefore, a good marriage.

Hmmmmm, hope she feels the same.  I should ask her some day.  :-)

I am Michael Madison and Melodee is my bride.  We have been married for 10 years, and dated for 3 years before marriage.  Melodee truly makes it easy to be a husband.

Melodee and I met at a time when all the kids were grown and out of the house.  We were both working and doing well enough.  Our love grew.  We have worked out pretty well, and God has blessed us along the way.




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How We Met

Melodee and I met online. Yap, you heard me right. We met on a dating site. I lived in Clearwater at the time, and she lived in Lakeland.  There was a time when Melodee did not want to admit that.  Best thing that ever happen to me.

I would often send an email to an attractive online female, who lived to far away to developed a real life relationship.  But in my mind at the time there was noting wrong with a little long distance flirt.

So, I did what I always did.   I sent a three or four paragraph email telling the lady she was attractive, and too bad we lived so far away from each other.  (Those emails usually got a reply email of three or four paragraphs flirting back and that was the end of that.

But when I sent one of those flirty emails to Melodee, her repay was simple, and took me off guard.   She wrote, "Anything of worth, is worth the effort."  That was it . . . nothing else in the email reply.

BANG - she has my attention.  I had to get to know this girl.  If even long distance on a phone.  Long story shortened; from phone and email, to meeting in person, to exclusive dating for another four years.  Then in January of 2010 we became man and wife on the north beach of Fort Desoto Park, Florida.

Our Marriage

We will have been married for 10 years this coming January 2020.  We dated for almost 4 years before getting married.  It really does seem just like yesterday.  I have been really happy in the past 14 years.  I have said it before, and I will say it often, "Melodee really has made it easy to be a husband".  She is so accepting of all my old man toys; motorcycles, man cave, Star Wars figures, computers, tables, tech devices plugged into TVs, etc.

Melodee and I used to travel a lot before I retired and began to be more involved in church, ministry, and volunteering.  Quitting work and retiring really cut into our budget.  Big time.  But so far, it has been working it out.   God provides what little we need to be happy, fed, and housed.

Melodee is still working full time and has a 1.5 hour round trip each Monday - Friday getting too and from.  Melodee has always been a hard worker.  In most jobs she has held she was a supervisor or trainer.  Just like in the rest of her life, people Melodee works with really like her and enjoy working with her.

Melodee enjoys getting to know new people.   By the time we walk away from someone new we have just met; Melodee will know the most important things about them.  She truely makes a connection with them.