My History


I was born in a small town that was the county seat in the state of Indiana. Our family moved from the farm lands of Indian to the steel mill area we all called the "Region".  My dad worked at the steel mills for several years.  Those years were the most stable of all the years of my youth.  The years before and after those years were stressful for everyone in our household.


I grew up the oldest of three children, and the only boy. We were poor, but we did not know that.  We did not have a lot but my parents provided everything we needed.  We had periods where there was not enough to pay all the bills but somehow, our parents made it all work.  The hardest part of life was the non-stop arguing that filled our home.  Seems they were daily and always loud.  There was no hiding in the house to get away from it.   We simply pretended is was not happening.  We just turned the volume up on the thoughts and fantasies of our imaginations and continued on.

Our family was a functioning but broken family.  My sisters and I came out pretty good people over time.  Seems we all left the family patterns behind.  I don't know about my sisters but it took me a lifetime, and I did not learn many lessons until my children were grown and on there own.

There is much of my childhood that I have no memory of.  Not sure if that is good or bad??  I always knew something was not right in our home, but not sure what it was.  Family could be a fun and a happy place, but ours was quit often not so much fun.

There are good and bad in all our childhoods, adolescents, adulthood, and yes, even into the later years where I find myself now.  Still feeling young, but the body is getting slower, and more out of shape.  But this is a good thing.   It has given me some time to think and reflect on what was, and what will come.  I have some time right now to consider the past, present, and future.  I have for the first time control of what is to come.  I can put a plan together through prayer and guidance from God.  I don't have to answer to anyone except God and my wife.   I have full control.  Any failure I may have is within the control of God.   And therefore, will serve and lessons both good and bad.   The rain falls of all people, good, bad, saint, and sinner, all experience the rain.

At this age, finally, I am setting a goal that I will see out until the end.  Not meaning to sound morbid about it true.  I have about 20 years of life to live if all goes well.   And I have a twenty year plan for these years.  I hope and pray that I can serve God in many ways as Mike On A Bike from Lakeland Florida, USA.


And that brings me to who I am becoming.  I often joke there are two personalities; Michael Madison and Mike On A Bike.  I speak of myself in the third party often these days.   Michael Madison and Mike On A Bike.

-Michael represents the past and old person living in the flesh for self.  The one that had to learn lesson after lesson, mess up all the time, and jump off a cliff without thinking.  Always saved but most often not demonstrating who I am in Christ Jesus.

-Mike On A Bike represents the kinder, more caring person I am.  But much more; through Jesus I am becoming much more than Michael Madison could ever be.  My desire is to serve God.  My desire to give my time and energy.  I start each day with a desire to serve God in the ways He would have me go.  

God has opened a lot of doors for me over the past 3 years.  Six years really; Three years serving the tech needs of Highlands Baptist Church, now Parkway Baptist Church, and Highlands Christian Academy, now Parkway Christian Academy.  And now three years with a personal ministry.  A ministry on two wheels, and a wife who stand side-by-side me as we try to do good for others.

As Jesus has shown His love to us.   We share ours with all those we know and serve.


1954 - 1964

Born & Born Again

Born in a small town in Indiana to Norman and Alice Madison.   I was the first born of three children and the only boy.

I was born of Spirit in June of 1964.  I came to salvation in a church revival at Dyer Baptist Church in Indiana.  it was the old school church revival of the past church generation.

1965 - 2010

Not Fully Humbled

Spent allot of this time making major mistakes, getting bruised up, and hurting myself and others.

Allot of mistakes made leading to the need to make things right, be accountable, and begin to fully serve others.

2011 - 2013

Melodee Changed Me

As my relationship will Melodee grew, I was learning things about myself, by trying to please her.  It has taken some time but she has changed me.

My love of Jesus and Melodee give me purpose.  My more complete understanding of who Jesus is, and what He should mean in my life has put a desire to serve in my heart.

Before I met Melodee I thought I was having the time of my life.   Could not imagine getting married again and being happy.  Seemed I had already failed at that.   Why ever do it again. 

But, I found out my thinking was flawed.   That living life with Melodee was allot more fun and satisfying with Melodee.  To this day, I can not be without her, that I do not have a huge desire to be with her.  Side-by-side, all the time.

2013 - 2019

Church & Motorcycles

Six years ago I quit working in the corporate world and began to spend Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 on our church and school property.  Giving my time and talents helping with church and school technology needs.


Three years ago I got back on a motorcycle after 40 years of not riding. It is a wonderful time of my life.  I love the freedom of being on two wheels headed down a road less traveled. 


If I am riding you will see "JESUS IS LORD" on my back.  Those words are the first of three parts of the Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry back-patch.  Those words clearly define what Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry is all about.  A group of Christian motorcycle enthusiast who desire to share the Gospel around the world.


Mike On A Bike

We have some clear goals for 2020. The past two years were a great blessing for us.  Each of the two years saw increases in our outreach and fundraising. We truely have been blessed by the hand of God.

The connections we have made, and the people we have met over the past two years have been amazing.  Our goals have been surpassed with each project over the two years.  We will set a goal and God seems to say, step aside and let me show you how this is done.  What a blessing to set a goal and then follow His lead.

We look forward to working hand in hand with all of you; our church; Parkway Baptist Church, our brothers and sisters of Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry, and others groups and indicidual who shares a like mind and heart for our Lord & Savior; Jesus.