HSMM Christmas Joy
Children's Home Celebration

Each year for the past 14 years Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry (HSMM) has held a special Christmas event for the kids of Florida Baptist Children's Home (FBCH) each year.  HSMM provides a very special Christmas event for each kid.

This is a special event held each December, for the past 14 years. Please consider helping the kids. The each want what we have, a forever home and a family that loves them.  Each year Mike On A Bike does fundraising to help offset the cost for this event. Please consider donating for the kids.


Mike On A Bike

We have had a team of crafters from across the US that put thier interests, talents, and skills together to help HSMM celebrate the kids of FBCH.


They just want
what we all have . . .

A Forever Home and A Family That Loves Them

Each child's story is different, but they are the same stories we have heard for 14 years now. Every child's heart is a little different. Each situation is different for each child.

There are also many things that are exactly the same for all the kids. Each has no control on their experiences. Each a victom.

Each year HSMM tries to give the kids a little fun and a little control. Each year we take the kids of the Children's Home to CiCi's pizza for all they can eat and drink. But the fun does not stop there.

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Please Consider Helping

Each year we give the kids some power.  Our fundraising goal for this year's HSMM Christmas Joy event is to sponcer 15 kids.  That would make our goal $1,500  Do the math anyway you would like; $100 needed for each kid.  That's $1,500.  Please consider helping the kids have an extra special Christmas season.   25 givers  = $60 each, 15 = $100, 30 = $50.  Let's all agree to give up one dinner out in November to give Christmas to the kids of Florida Baptist Children's Home. 
Each day of thier life, they are told what to do, when to do it, and were they can do it.  Each Christmas season for the past 14 years Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry Largo Chapter support the the Lakeland Florida Chapter has given the kids a gift that they have complete control over.

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