Each week will lead to a new destination
with an casual relaxed ride and Bible study.

Any time is a great time to ride.   We will take a short ride to some out of the way destination guienteed to make for a fun day, and a good lunch.

Join The Ride

Come meet someone new and take a short ride & Bible study.

Everyone Welcome

Everyone is welcome. Two, Three, and Four wheels are always welcome to ride.

Bible Study

For 3 years now I have often riden my motorcycle to a park or little biker place for a little Bible study. Come join in one or more of the rides.

Here is some of the studies

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Jesus Loves Bikers
Even Me

Jesus came to save everyone.  Yes, everyone of us can have eturnity.


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Bikers Bible Study

Spend some time each day in Bible study. You will find you enjoy it and begin to think about things you never considered before.

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Arm Yourself

We should always be ready to talk about Jesus.  This simple guide will help get you started.

Come Ride With Us

Just fill and send this request to ride.
We will email with the next ride details.